Link Exchange – Is it still worth it?

In the earlier days Link Exchanges were considered to be one of the easiest and effective way of link building. Site owners simply used to list the links of the related sites on their site and asked them to do the same. At that time even this type of links were awarded a high value by the search engines. But we have come a long way forward from those times and search engines have become a lot smarter and they are now looking for natural links.

So is link exchanging dead?

Well not really, if effectively done it still can be a good way to get some good quality links to your site. The idea should be to limit these link exchanges and as much relevant as it can be to your niche. Here are few tips for exchanging links.

1. Limit the link exchanges
Make sure that you limit the exchanges to a certain number like 20-30 for a site. Do not go on making a whole directory out of it. Also look to get links from sites who do the same.

2.Relevancy is very important
Do not exchange links with unrelated or spam sites as it can get you penalized. Search for your keywords in the search engines and request them to exchange links with you.

3.Quality of the sites you link to
The sites you link to affects your reputation, so make sure who you link to. Don’t just link to a site just for a back link the quality of the site you link to is equally important.

Conclusion – Link exchanges can still be a side weapon in your link building arsenal as far as you follow relevancy and quality. But mainly focus on other ways for link building like article marketing, directory submission, forum posting, blog commenting,  social networking are just a few examples.


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