Google Plus is here – why is it better than Facebook?

Google has just launched a new service named Google Plus (Google +). When it first started it appeared to be yet another social network but it proved out to be more than a social network.

Google Circles – It allow you to filter content by circles. Think of these circles as a ring or circle where one can simply tune into the acts and people for which they have an interest. The best part is that the user controls who is in or out of the circles.

By default, Google+ has five Circles – Acquaintances, Family, Following, Friends and Work. You can add the same person to more than one circles.

Sparks – Sparks make it easy for people to find interesting information to share with their circles. Sparks also filters information, providing you relevant content about your interests. An example may be an organization or a topic using sparks to find new information on Google Plus and then starting a conversation about how that news affects you.

Hangouts – With hangouts you can hangout with friends on video chat, the best part is that you can have a video chat with a group of friends. You can hangout with upto 10 people at once. Google plus lets you tell specific people about the hangout and invites them to hangout on a particular day.

Huddles – Huddles is the group chat option which shows up as a separate app on your device. Using huddle you can ask people to join group chat and can invite them by finding them via name or email. The best part is that whether you are a creator or just a participant you can always add more people to Huddle. Every Huddle is like a conversation session and it stays there until you leave the conversation. Do note that simply closing the Huddles app doesn’t remove you from conversations. In Huddles, you can see the list of participants on top.

Conclusion – Google Plus thus proves out to be a real plus than Facebook, with time we will have to see how it proves out to be when more and more people get to use it. For now Google plus is just under a test and you can join only if you get invited by someone. So if you get an invitation go for it and let us know your reviews.


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