How to start Link Building?

1. Directory Submission

Many people feel that links from directories don’t carry enough of weight these days as they used to a few years back. That’s true, but not with all of them. There are too many directories on the internet now and most of them are just a waste of time and money because they don’t maintain their quality. So you have to be very picky investing either your time or money in these directories.

There are thousands of free directories on the Internet but that doesn’t mean you need to submit to all of them, because most of them maintain a very low qaulity so its a complete waste of time even if they are free.

Even if a directory is a paid one that does not guarantee the quality because most of them are too busy making money that they would accept any site into their database.

You can submit your site to Dmoz, STPT, Yahoo and Business (very expensive, submit if you can afford!), UncoverTheNet, BOTW, JoeAnt, Gimpsy, GoGuides, Skaffe.

2. Blog Commenting and Forum Posting

Blog Commenting and Forum Posting used to be very useful in generating links sometime ago. The best thing about blog commenting and forum posting is that you provide your useful comments and information and you get a link in exchange from those sites. They were one of the most simple ways of generating links thats why they have been exploited so much by the spammers that they have lost their value.

“Links from Blog comments and Forum signautures don’t have value”, true fact! But that does not mean that they are useless, because every link counts but yes they are not the most ideal links you can have.

I always feel you need to interact with people within your niche via popular blogs and forums specially if you have just started your business, because that way you not only get to learn things but you also have an option of being known as an authority in your niche. If you share your views, knowledge and experience with others people will treat you as an authority.

So if your sole purpose of posting and commenting is to get links then yes they don’t add much of a value. But as I said esatablish yourself as an authority.

3. Article Marketing

Article marketing used to be one of the best ways to generate high quality one-way links. A properly writen and marketed article not only gives hundreds of backlinks but also tons of traffic. But there has been a lot of discussion over the importance of article marketing after the Google’s Panda update.

In article marketing whatever articles you are going to write and publish on the article hubs are going to be all over the internet. So when you write an article make sure you first add it to your site and let Google index it first so that Google would you are the original author of the article. After it gets indexed submit the article to popular article hubs with a link back to the original article.

A well written article can provide you loads of quality backlinks and tons of traffic.

4. Link Exchanges

Link exchanging is dead as many people think but it can be benificial it all depends on how you utilize always exchange a link to provide your visitors a resource instead of just getting a link. Be very specific about the niche you are exchanging links with exchange links with only related sites. Limit the exchange to only 20-30 links and make sure that the site you are exchaging the links also does that that.

Don’t link to just any one for the sake of a link. Make sure that these sites you are exchanging links with provide useful content and that they follow Google’s guidelines.

Remember every link counts so do they. So you will have to be very specific and picky while looking for potential link partners.


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