New aspects of SEO

For many years, online marketers understood just how SEO worked. They understood that keywords appealed to search engines, and they knew that they had to create content that contained keywords and keyword phrases that potential clients or customers were searching for.

However, Google has made some very profound changes recently, including the new algorithm method and its own social media site. Online marketers must realize that these two changes have significantly impacted how SEO works.

Panda update

First, the Panda update targeted low quality sites that were obviously made to appeal to the search engines. These sites were poorly written, designed and executed. They contained black-hat methods and content that did not even make sense at times. These sites were not made for people who were searching for information; they were made to make a quick sale, and Google respectfully handled these types of sites. As a result, many sites, such as eHow, Hubpages and Squidoo, suffered from a loss in traffic — since Google decreased these sites’ page rank.


Google+ is Google’s social networking site. While it may seem like just another social media site, it is actually much more. Google is using this site and the new plus 1 button to help with certain SEO aspects. Google is giving power to the users, allowing them to decide what they deem as a high quality website.

The plus 1 button is Google’s version of the “like” or “thumbs up” button. However, unlike Facebook, Youtube and Twitter, the plus 1 button operates on a search engine scale. The more plus 1s a site has, the higher it appears in search results. Also, that site is shown to people whose friends have plus 1’d the site.

How you can benefit from the new aspects of SEO

Stop creating content that is specifically made for search engines. Instead, create content that people are searching for — content that is unique and informative. Google greatly favors sites that are very unique. Also, make sure that your site has a limited amount of placed ads. While two or three ads won’t hurt your rankings, any more than that will probably raise red flags.

It is important to note that keywords have not truly lost their meaning. Google still places relevancy on sites based on certain keywords, but they are not as important as they used to be. Keep that in mind.

Also, when people view your site, compel them to press the plus 1 button next to your site’s URL in the search engines. Google has also made it possible to include a plus 1 button within your site via html code. The plus 1 button is like a continuing word of mouth marketing strategy; you want to accumulate as many plus 1 clicks as you can.

As the Internet changes, new SEO methods will undoubtedly develop. You must always research new ways to optimize your site.

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