6 quick tips to learn SEO

These days Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a household name and almost all generations are well acquainted with the term. However, if you are still wondering what SEO exactly refers to? For your information, SEO is the required modification of online content to make it easier to find within search engines. In the world of internet marketing SEO certainly helps content writers or providers to promote their products and services more effectively. In today’s market, with the cut throat competition going on among the webmasters to rank their site at top level on the search engine, learning SEO online can certainly help you to succeed in the online business.

    • Your first and foremost duty is to make a list of the common words and phrases related to your subject and use them in your content. You can conduct a research on the common phrases and words that people use, when searching for any given information or service. Make sure your wordings are short, snappy and to the point. You can experiment with different searching techniques and can use a variety of words and phrases in a search engine of your choice.
    • Choose keywords that are high in demand but has comparatively low competition. Tools like Google AdWords and WordTracker can help you in this regard by providing statistics about keywords searched for on a monthly basis. Examine the phrases well that are not widely used by websites, which is also disclosed within its statistics section. This is an effective way to stay unique, while providing well-optimized content for the search engines.
    • Your next step should be determining your overall rank on the Internet. The SEO learning process requires you to know where your content stands among your competitors. Services like Alexa and PRChecker can help you to determine your current status in respect of other entrants.
    • Your must assess your competitor’s overall page rank and compare it to yours. Suppose a website currently rank higher than yours, because the information within it has been established for a longer period of time. However, if you discover your rival site does not contain any information about a recent topic, seize the opportunity to offer fresh, high-quality content on your website.
    • You must evaluate your demographic well and provide optimized content for a particular audience. In fact, part of learning SEO online consists of determining who your services or content are for. You can use Google Analytics or iWebTrack in order to check where your page views come from. If you are not satisfied with the results, make changes to your chosen keywords and study your website’s analysis accordingly.
    • It’s best to write about current trends and popular subjects. The best way to learn SEO online is by analyzing what users are currently interested in. Google Trends is there to help you out. It provides the 10 most searched phrases each day. Examine any repeating or related topics and provide content about it.

    Final thought

    Apart from the above mentioned points, there are plenty of other ways to learn SEO as well. Stay updated and keep the aforementioned points in mind to learn SEO online quite easily.

    Author’s Bio :

    This is a guest post by M.S who is a content writer and a financial adviser working with one of the largest MNC in the eastern part of Nevada. She writes on a variety of finance related topics with a special focus on debt which is of course my favourite subject and also write articles on SEO related topics.

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