Link building the generous way

I have always believed in generosity and love the people who do the same. Probably SEOs are one of the most generous people you’ll ever find online. I have always wanted to work that way. Just put in your best and don’t expect for something in return and the it comes to you when the least expected.

Link building can be done the same way. You just need to do the work on your end and people will appreciate your work, if there is something to be appreciated!

Here are a few tips for building links by socializing with people.

1. Good content is the key to success – No wonder how many times you’ve heard this, but it really is. The same thing is with link building. You always do not need to spend thousands of dollars to create a link bait or manage a link building campaign. Good content is often enough.

The most basic start to a link building strategy should be to produce good content for your own website. Once you do that people won’t hesitate in linking back to you for free.

2. Give others a chance to see your work – A lots of people from your industry will like you, mention you if they really find something in you.

    1. Follow your industry experts on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus etc. Read their blogs regularly and make sure that you followup with some comments when you have something useful to add to them. Let them know of your knowledge, experience, expertise and most importantly that YOU EXIST!

    Most of these people are not egoistic and will be happy to mention your work wherever they can. You don’t even have to ask it.

    For example,

    I have always been a frequent reader at the SEO 2.0 Blog and Tad Chef has been generous enough to mention some of its readers in a full blog post. It feels so good when you’ve just started and some of the experts mention you.

    It feels extremely amazing when the SEO legends like Danny Sullivan retweet your tweets.

    So people do recognize you but the only thing you need to do is be patient and always work for without expecting the results.

  • 5 thoughts on “Link building the generous way

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    2. Great advice! At least it proves you’re not working in a vacuum. This is the way we communicated now, so we always must put our best foot forward!

    3. As they always say, content is king… more and more Google is also modifying their algorithms to incorporate “quality content”
      Its difficult to find unique content to write about always. But you can add your fresh spin and give your own take.

      • You are right it is often hard to write quality content on something unique, because most of the things have already been covered by others. But we always have an option of writing from a different angle.

        Thanks for stopping by, and leave a comment.

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