Google is getting faster at indexing – Indexes and ranks webpage in just 5 minutes!

I just found out something very interesting to as to how fast can Google index and also rank a webpage. I started writing a blog post on this blog at 2.45 PM (IST) and pressed the publish button at 3.01 PM (IST) and when I was searching for my site’s indexed pages in Google just 5 minutes later I was surprised to see the recently published post appearing there.

So, I again made a search for site: (the url for that post) and was confirmed that the page was indexed in just 5 minutes. Now, I did a search for the title of the webpage “Link building the generous way” but I couldn’t find it in the top 10 not even in the top 40. Even though the page was way behind for it’s title but still it gives the basic picture of fast Google is at indexing the pages and ranking them.

So, now the question is, is this an effect of the Google’s freshness update? Well it could be, because me myself haven’t seen the pages getting indexed and ranked so fast in the SERPs.

However, I can certainly improve the rankings of the page because as you can see I haven’t included my keywords in the URL of the page, doing so would increase my rankings for the keyword. But I would rather want to see how the page performs after a few days.

P.S. – Now this post has also been indexed, and it hardly took a minute to get indexed after getting published.


3.30 PM – Now this page ranks for the mentioned keyword and now I can’t find that page nowhere even in the top 100. Now this is getting interesting!


Akash Kumar is a SEO professional who has been working in the SEO industry since 6 years. He now blogs at iSEOforGoogle – a blog proividing tips and technqiues on SEO, link building, social media and other Internet marketing aspects. Make sure to follow him on Twitter @iSEOforGoogle to stay updated with his new posts and articles.


One thought on “Google is getting faster at indexing – Indexes and ranks webpage in just 5 minutes!

  1. Its 19 November 12 days since this post and now the post ranks #1 for the term “link building the generous way”, “link building generous etc.

    Its nothing conclusive but think I think, Google indexes and ranks pages very quickly now but it needs some time for the overall evaluation of a page before we can see the permanent rankings.

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