Top 5 tips to write effective blog posts

Blogging is a great, personal way to make your own space on the internet. Because most blog hosting sites are free – at least at the basic level – a lot of people have chosen blogs to get the word out about their opinions and matters close to their heart. Which is why, the blog world sometimes seems overwhelming and overpopulated. After all, if so many people are doing it – millions in fact – how are you ever to make your presence felt? Whether you blog about books, movies, travel, food, there are a million other blogs like yours that you have to compete with. Here are a few tips to make sure you have a fighting chance.


  1. Be yourself: While there are a million blogs, there is only one you. This statement for blogging cannot be overstated. There is a reason you have chosen to blog, and not create a website or use any other platform. Blogs make it possible for your own personal voice to be heard, and you should not forget that. Your unique perspective on matters will immediately make you distinguishable from all the rest of them. Successful and popular bloggers are those who never lose their own voice, and who have a message and know how to keep their audience entertained and coming back for more.
  2. Make your blog visually appealing: If your blog is all text with zero videos or photographs on it, it can be very tedious to read. Although people read of screens all the time you don’t want to make it difficult for them. Keep your blogs entertaining by interspersing text of different colors and fonts with videos, music, external links and photos as well;get creative!
  3. Content: While changing and redoing the upholstery is always a good idea, remember that any reading material is primarily about the content. You want your readers to be educated, entertained and elevated. You don’t want to bore them stiff with your rants on traffic or weather. Make it worth their while to return to your blog or subscribe to it by giving information on various happenings over the world. Write quality content, and soon
    you’ll have a growing fan base.
  4. Go easy on the reader: This means a lot of things. It means using a reader friendly font. It means making sure your posts are short and meaningful. It means making users read your title and content match and that you blog at least in the same ball park of related themes. Not only will you garner the interest of like-minded people, you will show up easier on search engines. And you will create an expectation of similar ideas.
  5. Respond to readers: This is so basic that it should hardly be mentioned. Blogging is not a one way street. You should entrench yourself in the blogging world, read other blogs, comment on posts, get people to do a guest post on yours, do a guest post, respond to comments so people know there is a human being behind the blog and not a machine. Participate and make it dialectic.

To sum it all up your blog post should be appealing to the readers and I can’t stress the word relevant enough. If your post is very appealing and relevant to the readers then they will get hooked and will read more articles coming from you. The web is overly populated with blog posts that are very interesting so it is very important that your post will stand out among all the rest. By following these simple steps I’m sure that your posted article will stand out and will be very interesting to the readers.

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3 thoughts on “Top 5 tips to write effective blog posts

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  2. If only more people would listen to this! I’m so sick of seeing posts/articles that are written strictly for “SEO.” Or even worse, horribly spun-content. The sooner people realize that content isn’t just for the links you can embed, the better off everyone will be.

  3. These are the thumb rules to optimize any blog post and its a key to success as far as blogging is concerned.Nice post and keep posting such a nice article…

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