Best Social Media Marketing tips to increase your blog readers

Social media marketing helps to increase your blog readers because social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, etc… are used as the common tool for communication,it is the platform for internet users who can share various types of data and can communicate with each other. Getting website traffic through social media sites is known as social media marketing. This type of marketing helps in building links and is considered to be one of the key seo strategies. The more blog readers you get the more web traffic you receive.

The following are some of the best social media marketing tips to increase your blog readers:

  1. Maintain blogs with quality articles, to generate traffic from search engines it is important that you must write great articles. Use of keywords in the article should be appropriate with every post or page on your blog. Perform a keyword search and avoid stuffing, keyword density should be tracked using a checker or some other tool. You can seek advice from a content management team at an online marketing agency, who can write great articles for your site and increase the number of blog readers.
  2. Offer plugins or share buttons, most readers like to share the interested content to others using social sites if you offer plugins or social media buttons. It makes it very ease for them to share just by clicking a button, so install plugins at the end of content on your blog. This will increasechances of sharing content on different sites and getting new blog readers.
  3. Recycle or repost others content, if you find any valuable and good content on others website then doesn’t hesitate to share from their website to your social sites. As people who read content of others from your site feel it is informative and may go to your site for more information. In this way you benefit when you post others content to your social circles.
  4. Allow guest blogging on your site,allowing guest authors to write niche articles on your blog helps you to get more traffic. At the same time writing for others blogs can also help you in increasing the number of incoming links, specify an author bio at the end of the post and reply to all the comments. In this way you can maintain good relationship with blog readers.
  5. Promote your blog through social media networking; link your blog from your social media profiles. Make sure your blog is very simple to access by implementing plugins so that readers can share your blog post. Also make sure your blog is included in all your profiles.
  6. Make best Use of twitter to promote your blog: Try to host a tweet chat with your blog readers about your new post, this could help you to come with new ideas, and positive conversations will help you in getting new blog readers and make your brand more popular.
  7. Include video blog in your website:  Having videos on your site helps readers in many ways, Since users find videos to be more informative and at the same time they feel them to be more interactive. Note that videos spread viral on all social media platforms this way you get more website traffic when you include videos and this increases your blog readers.
  8. Add social book marking tools for your blog:  Create a social book mark tool to your website or blog so that it helps readers or visitorsto store and share the content to most popular social sites.
  9. Blog appearance: Make use of different platforms that are available online to bring great look to your blog, organize proper navigational layout that is organize your links.

Kate Ford is Tech writer from the UK. Catch her @thetechlegend on Twitter