Guest Posts

Our blog is new and growing very fast, right now we have more than 1132 links in Open Site Explorer with a PageAuthority of 49 and MozRank of 4.32 and we are working on our link building each and everyday. We are spending a lot of time in building more and more high quality links everyday.

If you are a writer with good writing skills and looking for some free one way backlinks, why not write for us? We are giving this opportunity to everyone who can write to submit guest posts.

What are our expectations?

1. The post should be 100% unique and should not be posted anywhere else.

2. The posts should be atleast 600 words long.

3. The post should be well written.

4. The post should be informative.

5. You have to promote the post on your social media profiles like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious, Reddit and all the others where  you have a profile.

6. No self promotion links withing the post. Your links are allowed only in your author bio.

7. Use a proper image with your post.

NOTE: We are not looking for posts which are written only to get backlinks, it should be highly informative and above the basics of SEO and Link building.

What you get in return?

1. You get two links from the author bio.

2. Your posts get promoted on all of our social media profiles.

3. If you become a regular writer here, we can offer you more links.

What type of posts are we looking for?

We are looking for posts on SEO, link building, social media, search engines, copy writing, internet marketing or other related stuff. The quality is the most important of all!

How to submit the posts?

Once you have quality post ready on any of the topics mentioned above just mail the post to me as a well formatted html attachment. After sending the post reply here.

You can reach me at : akasheg[at]gmail[dot]com


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