How Google +1 Will Affect Bloggers

Over a year ago, around March of 2011, Google has added another feature that may seem slight with the sudden appearance of the tiny button called the +1, but may have a significant change in the way bloggers deliver their output. This is the Google’s +1.

Overview of Google +1

Google +1 somewhat functions like a social network in such a way that it allows you to like a result in Google’s search pages. If you are signed in to your Google account and you search for a keyword using Google, you can give recommendation by clicking the +1 button. This way, people can give recommendation to a site without letting it show up in your social network account page.  

Importance of Google +1

Other than letting you express your appreciation to a website, it also a way of helping your contacts, friends, relatives, or other people with whom your opinion matters, find the good websites when they are doing their search through Google.

How Google +1 Will Affect Bloggers

Bloggers are always concerned about search engine optimization or more commonly known as SEO because this is what is responsible in making their blogsite easily searchable by people who are interested in what they are writing about. For this reason, link building and back linking are important because it improves SEO and Google search page ranks. However, SEO experts manipulate this by buying backlinks.

So for Google to determine if a website is indeed an authority, it incorporated a social media function when it comes to ranking websites in their search pages. When a web surfer liked the article in a website, they can simply click the +1 button and relay to Google that they liked what they have read.

As for bloggers, this means that they have to give more quality to their work in order to accumulate +1 votes and subsequently, improve their Google page rank. This also means, the days when writing garbage content and copying others’ articles just to improve their Google page rank will be over in no time.

How Bloggers Can Get Google +1 Votes

Certainly, bloggers would their blogs to get as much Google +1 votes as possible so they can get high rankings in the Google search page. In order to do so, it will help a lot if they will do the following:

  • Give readers what they want. Since Google +1 is about getting votes, be sure to create high quality content that readers will appreciate and give you +1 vote for.
  • Update your blog every now and then. Your readers or followers will take your blogsite more seriously if they know that it is well maintained by its owner.
  • Connect with your readers. Aside from knowing and understanding what the readers want and incorporating it in your article, give reactions to their comments on your blogs.
  • Promote your articles. You can do this in social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter where most people are into these days.

Final Thoughts

Google +1 may not be the same as Facebook or other social media sites but it does a good job in getting likes for websites and making this known to Google. This may be bad news for bloggers who create articles with quantity rather than quality as their guiding principle but it will certainly improve the blogging sector by encouraging writers to create articles with high quality content.

About the Author:

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