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Every business needs a strategic marketing policy for its growth. A well marketed product has better reach and forms the prime element of any business organization. An in depth analysis of the term marketing will reveal that, marketing is to:

  • Realize who the customer is
  • Fulfill their needs
  • And, retain them

Since, customers are the primary focus in marketing, marketing agencies constantly evolves ‘brand’ new techniques to promote their products. Over the recent years, the internet is fast progressing throughout the world. With more people increasingly becoming active over the internet, agencies are now shifting their focus towards cyberspace. With the aid of search engines, maps, apps, and social networking sites, the agencies are now using a marketing strategy known as personalized marketing.

As we scroll through pages, we come across certain captivating content. They make us take instantaneous decisions about buying, calling for further information, visiting stores to check out the products and so on. So, what is that, that drives us to make an immediate decision (or at least think of it?). It is the content written by the copywriters. They are the writers who create content for sales pages, commercials and direct mails.

So, what does it take to be a copywriter?

If you are a person, who cherishes writing, well, this can be an ideal field for you. But, becoming an established copywriter isn’t that easy. The content which you write must be pleasing and should drive the public to purchase the product. To become a successful copywriter, you should first be a good writer. So, I’ll begin with a few tips to write better and then I will gradually move towards tips on copywriting.

  1. Read a lot:

    1. Wait, don’t think, “I want to become a writer, not a reader.” There is a significant fact behind this. As you start reading more, you will come to understand, how to structure your writing and the trends in writing. This will give you an idea about switching tenses, grammar, use of adjectives and so on.
  2. Pen down all your thoughts:

    1. Our mind is constantly thinking about something. Lots of novel ideas and concepts might get your attention at one moment and leave you wondering about it, the next. So, it is advisable to have a scratchpad and a pen to jot down all your thoughts, so that you can use it when you write.
  1. Keep it simple:

    1. You don’t need to use complex words from your vocabulary or use complex sentences to prove your writing skills. The well received articles are always precise, simple and easy to understand. So, keep it as simple as possible.

Now, here are a few guidelines to become a good copywriter,

  1. The foremost thing any article should have is a ‘title’. A catchy title always attracts and engages the readers for further reading. So, try to come up with a captivating title (and a short one) for your content.
  2. Persuasive writing is another vital part of copywriting. Don’t end up writing over exaggerated content, while trying to be convincing. Authentic facts are always welcomed by the readers.
  3. Learn to split your content into shorter paragraphs. Readers find it less interesting to go through lengthy paragraphs. You can also use bullets for your content. This will highlight important content and readers can choose their information quickly.
  4. Maintain the balance of the article. Use short and long sentences alternately. Remember that a sentence should not have more than 15-16 words. Long sentences tend to become difficult to interpret and the readers have to read through the sentence multiple times to understand.
  5. Avoid stereotypical words like ‘redefined’,’ the next big thing’,’ to a whole new level’ and so on. People are subjected to these words from time unknown. They are no more ready to receive such articles.
  6. Always use the word ‘You’ instead of subscribers, customers and public. Remember that you are writing directly for the people and not for something else.

Now, these are some of the basic guidelines for better copywriting. Remember that there are lots to learn as they come. Write as much as possible, and one day you will ultimately discover your own style of writing.

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